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Acquire More Knowledge about Pest Control Services

The first step towards the control rats and mice is to do a thorough and complete examination of your structure. Many times, mice, rats and other rodents invade your home when no one is present. It then becomes impossible to know their entry and exit points and where to put the rat bait and trap a big question.

Rats are very predictable and you should start by checking the area for fleas’ clear instructions.

Common signs to look for during the inspection:

Runways: Rats and mice were making the path between eating and their hidden area. Rodents memorize their territory through kinesthetic (muscle) of memory and use the same track repeatedly. They prefer to move along an object so that they are in constant contact with several types of objects, walls, furniture, cabinets, and buttons. You can check out pest control services for getting more information about pest control services.

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Droppings: Rodent feces and urine is left in wherever rats are traveling or resting, and they are mainly to be found in the corners. The place ideal for placing rat traps and rat bait

Odor: Rodents will leave a distinctive, typical musky odor

Urine: Rodent urine visible under black light.

Gnawing Marks: light and fresh gnaw marks will be dark from time to time. Scratch-like marks, about 1/16 inch, made by rats. 1/8 inch clear gnaw marks made by rodents.

Rub Marks: Rodents scars rub of body oils, grease and dirt along the runway. rub marks will smear. old rub marks darker and may peel.

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