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A list of Hostel Rules Nobody Will Tell You But, You Need to Follow


It’s always fun when it comes to staying in a hostel. You get to meet new people, enjoy party nights, plan a trip together and more. However, there are rules that are never mentioned while staying in a hostel yet, needs to be followed. These are a few unwritten rules you should always follow while living in a hostel.

  1. Pack Early In the case of Leaving – If you are about to move out of the hostel, then it is important to pack your bags a little early. This will give you time to focus on other important things.
  2. No Parties Inside the Dorm Room – If you wish to party with fellow travelers, then you need to avoid the dorm rooms. Dorm rooms are meant for resting and sleeping. Hostels have perfect venues for partying and therefore, you should consider not throwing or attending a party inside the dorm room.
  3. Snore; Heads Up – If you snore then let other travelers know so that they won’t mind even if you snore loudly.
  4. Clean Everything You Use – This has everything to do especially with the kitchen. For instance; if you’re going to cook your own meal, then make sure you wash the utensils and your plate after your use. Be practical as other travelers may also want to use the same utensils and plates later on.

These are some of the unwritten rules while staying inside a hostel. Make sure you follow these rules while staying in Ao Nang hostels.

Best Time To Visit Jerusalem

The best time to visit Jerusalem when the crowds are thin in April and May as well as October and November.

Some advised not to travel to Jerusalem for big celebrations like Succoth or Passover; however, you can still enjoy a wonderful holiday even during this time if you have the right company to manage your entire holiday.

Learning more about the weather you can expect in Jerusalem can be the determining factor for when you want to travel. Appearance Mari in different seasons and what you can expect. One can check out in order to find out about the day trip to Petra from Jerusalem.

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Winter in Jerusalem is from December to March. The city has slightly cooler temperatures with high rainfall. During this time, the rooms are often cheaper so it might be great for a tight budget.

No days off during this time that your family might enjoy being a part of the celebration, including Marathon, Hanukkah, International Book Fair, and Easter.

Spring is during the months of April and May. Weather more offers sunshine and comfortable temperatures, which carries out the residents and tourists.

However, those who visit Jerusalem for religious tourism often come during this time for Passover and Easter.

Summer is the most popular time to visit Jerusalem, which falls between the months of June through September if you love hot temperatures and lots of bright sunny days.

Have a Great Time inside the Clubs in Sri Lanka


Tourists with no prior experience feel that there are not a lot of clubs in Sri Lanka. In fact, Sri Lanka is home to some of the best clubs, bars and casinos for all party people giving them one of the best night experiences. Let’s focus on some of the clubs every party animal must visit.

  1. Le Garage – The Le Garage is the perfect club to show-off you’re your awesome shoes and dance moves. Located at Kandy city, this club offers a massive dance floor inviting everyone to have a great time.
  2. Barefoot Garden Café –The Barefoot Garden Café is for those who wish to have a great time in the night yet with a calm manner. This café is home to some of the finest drinks along with delicious dishes. Make sure you try out the Black Pork Curry and Spinach Quiche that is going to melt inside your tongue like butter.
  3. Loft Lounge Bar – The best club in Sri Lanka is the Loft Lounge Bar. Packed with tourists and locals, the Loft Lounge Bar’s interiors comprises of modern designs and bright lights. The bar isn’t so popular during the weekdays however, during the weekends it turns into an awesome venue.
  4. ZAZA Bar, Casa Colombo Hotel –Now this bar is quite popular amongst couples who wish to step out in the night and have a great time. The seating arrangement is absolutely fantastic allowing you and your partner to enjoy sipping on those favorite drinks while enjoying each other’s company.

Always consider getting the best Sri Lanka tour package.

Badian Kawasan Falls A Beginners Guide 2020

Kawasan Falls is the most famous travel attraction in the South of Cebu province. It is located in a very small and humble town in Badian and with the place's international recognition, it was able to help the small town to grow and help lots of its locals to have source of income.

How to get to Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls is located just 130 kilometers southwest of Cebu City. There are different ways to get to the Kawasan Falls depends on where you currently are. Below is a guide on how to get to Kawasan Falls via public bus.

From Moalboal

Go to the large market in Moalboal first and take the yellow bus to get to Kawasan Falls. If you are uncertain on which bus to ride, you can ask the locals on how to get to Kawasan Falls. The bus fare is just 20 PHP and it will only take 45 minutes to reach Kawasan Falls.

From Oslob

If you are traveling from Oslob to Kawasan Falls, you must take the bus first that is going to Bato and then later on change bus to Badia, Cebu City (via Barili). The bus fare costs 100 PHP and it will take almost 1 and a half hour to reach Kawasan Falls.

From Cebu City

You can take a bus from South Bus Terminal, make sure you ride the bus that goes to Bato via Barili since the other bus runs via Oslob and does not stop at Kawasan Falls. If you are having a hard time on looking for which one to ride, you can always ask the people there, they will absolutely help you. Buses from South Bus Terminal going to Kawasan Falls runs daily, so you don’t have to worry about going there during weekends or weekdays. It will be a 3-hours ride so make sure you sit on a comfortable spot. The bus fare for Ceres bus is 150 PHP, it’s an air-conditioned bus.

At the Bus stop in Kawasan Falls

And when you finally reach the bus stop in Kawasan Falls, look for a large tarpaulin with a photo of the Kawasan Falls and has a text that says “This Way to Kawasan Falls”. Just follow the road ahead and everything will be fine, you won't get lost.

Have a local tour agency arrange for your Kawasan Falls adventure for a seamless and hassle-free adventure in the small town of Badian.

Best Things to do in Bali, Indonesia


Bali is a part of the 34 provinces of Indonesia that is packed with markets and malls for shopping, resorts and hotels for accommodation and plenty of water sport activities. However, Bali is more to it as many travelers come here to have a great time with friends and family members. Consider experiencing these activities when it comes to visiting Bali in Indonesia.

  1. Consider Surfing Bali is home to some of the best spots that offers locals and travelers to surf. Since the early 1930, Bali has been attracting surfers from all over the world. The Kuta beach is popular for surfing when it comes beginners while the Uluwatu is a popular beach for above medium-level surfers.
  2. Consider Diving and Snorkeling Diving and snorkeling are two of best activities one needs to try out in Bali, Indonesia. Apart from being a popular and fun, these 2 activities are really cheap when compared to the likes of offered in Thailand. Get ready to witness some of the best marine species while enjoying these activities.
  3. Consider Visiting Ubud Ubuds reputation had gone down in the past however, the popularity has grown amongst many travelers. At Ubud, you can experience visiting a few spas to feel rejuvenated or consider going for a shopping experience to buy hand-made crafts and more.
  4. Consider Visiting a Few Beaches The beaches of Bali are what makes it worth visiting in Indonesia. From fancy to crowd pleasing to budget-friendly, Bali is home to some of the best beaches in the world.

Always consider a package that offers a great experience to tour and travel Indonesia.

Enjoy Sailing Holiday Adventures in Whitsunday

So you have planned a vacation trip to Australia, well you will be amazed to know that there are lots of ways to enjoy your Australian holidays. Australia has a paradise for those who love sea adventures.

If you are also one of those sea enthusiasts then you should definitely head off to Whitsunday Island. Whitsunday is one of the most popular and beautiful destinations full of adventures and exciting holiday events.

There are lots of venture holidays that you can enjoy in this long range of beach and islands. Whitsunday is located off the central coast in Queensland surrounded by the magnificent reefs. It offers both the local and vacationers to enjoy a lot of activities during the trip.

The Islands also offer their vacationers a chance to experience the adventures of sailing the Whitsundays and have fun in the long stretch of beach. This region is primarily famous for its sailing holidays; there are lots of islands that tourists can visit.

Furthermore, there is also a wide range of tour operators that offer Whitsunday boat charters so that beginner and professional boaters can enjoy various sailing adventures on the island. The best thing about the region is that only these islands will offer you a wide range of boat charter services to meet your demands and expectations.

The clients who are willing to pay extra can even hire a boat charter with its own crew and those who are budget-minded can get a boat for their entire adventure sailing days.

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