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Drones Are The Modern World War Machines

Drones or unmanned aircraft were formerly also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The drones are highly intelligent machines. A pilot on the ground can remotely control them or they can also serve a predefined task once they have been programmed.

The drones are used for a number of purposes; however, the two most common uses include monitoring and attacks. You can browse to to know more about how drones are used and in which fields they are used.

Another specialty is that these air machines have the capacity to stay in the air for several hours. Zephyr, a British drone has a record to stay in the air for 82 hours. These aircraft are cheaper and they can be controlled remotely so there is no risk to the crew and reduces costs on human resources.


In addition to association of drones with military applications, the drone can also be used for a wide range of civil and commercial activities. For example, crop monitoring, filming movies and sports, inspection and power pipelines and search and rescue operations have been automated to run by drones. In addition to these, the drones have also become very popular with the dispatch of medical and nutritional supplies in remote and inaccessible areas.

In addition, UAVs are also used to track any illegal hunting and Cruel Sports. In short, they are used in all places where the crew is in danger or in a place where human resources is not necessary and is very expensive.

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