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Know the Facts Related To Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca ceremonies are shamanic initiation in which you can experience altered states of consciousness. The emphasis is on exploring the potential of your own in a safe manner, as well as trauma healing and restores your true essence.

In the Ayahuasca retreat in Ecuador, you learn to do the work of healing deep within your body at the physical layer, mental, emotional and spiritual.

The Shaman or Yachac (Healer in Quichua) is a person who acts in the ceremony as an intermediary between the natural and supernatural world to cure diseases, predict the future, the spiritual power control, etc., and one that leads the session.

Shamans see the disease as a disharmony in one's life on an energetic and spiritual level. This disharmony can cause mental illness, emotional and/or physical if left unresolved. In the last few decades, Western societies are slowly gaining interest from in ayahuasca as well.

The benefits of using the drug deep into the Amazon traditionally been well documented throughout the world. It offers a new solution for curing human diseases and disorders that usually cannot be treated with conventional western medicine again.

There is a global epidemic of people suffering from psycho-emotional diseases that modern health systems cannot address as well as an ever-increasing number of people longing for 'something more' in life.

Ayahuasca is a powerful psychiatrist who spans the globe to offer us help.

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