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Know About CSA Truck Driver Safety Compliance Training

The core of the CSA (Compliance, Safety & Accountability) is a Safety Measurement System (SMS), which will review all safety-based violations of inspection and accident data to determine the safety record of motor carriers of this commercial.

The new safety program will allow the Motor Carrier Safety Administration to reach more federal previous operators and intervene in order to address the specific problems of this carrier safety (Formerly known as the Comprehensive Safety Analysis CSA 2010). You can check out csa certification in canada online.

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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration uses the Safety Measurement System to:

– Identify motor carriers for intervention, such as warning letters, investigation or inspection roadside

-Determine the specific security issues to focus on when operator intervention.

-Monitor motor carriers of non-compliance from time to time.

FMCSA has issued a warning letter to the company in which the motor carrier safety data have shown a lack of compliance with safety requirements and warned that the level of safety performance has reached a critical juncture.

FMCSA encourages companies to improve safety performance and security of their records, training, and practice. CSA Online Training provides the high-quality streaming video with a post-test at the end along with the printed certificate after successfully completing the course. All programs range from 8 minutes – 25 minutes in video length.

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