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Information about Glass Replacement Windows

Home renovation or remodeling will most likely involve replacing your windows. This will involve selecting the appropriate window to your needs and that you find aesthetically pleasing.

However, recent technological innovations can enable you to get a new window that is not only functional and pleasing to the eye but also can help you control the temperature in your home without sacrificing the entry of light into your house. If you are looking for window renewal in Oshaw then you are at the right place.

Heat loss

To be able to better understand the technology, you need to know how to lose heat through the glass case. There are three ways that heat is lost through the glass; the first is through conduction, where heat is transferred from one body to another in direct contact.

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New technology to reduce radiation

In a traditional window design, the goal is to minimize conduction and convection. However, reducing heat transfer via radiation has generally been ignored until a few times when a new coating method has been formulated to help reduce window heat transfer by radiation.

Research has shown that a window coated with these materials can block up to 85-90 percent of the heat radiation and the new technologies being developed to further improve the effectiveness of this technique.

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