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Finding a Good Location for Outdoor Digital Signage

There are many important bases when starting an outdoor digital signage campaign: protecting the screen from the weather, displaying relevant content, and choosing the appropriate hardware. However, before this happens, an important factor must be ensured before anything else can be started – location.

Detached digital display is becoming an increasingly common form of digital advertising. The reason so many advertisers are involved with outside screens is that the level of viewers who will see an outside campaign will be greater than the display of billboards in the room.

Some of the best outdoor advertising locations allow pedestrians and commuters who pass on the road the opportunity to see the display but there is more visibility than just where the screen is.

The height of the display is located can make all the difference too. In the early days, many digital displays were hung on ceilings and roofs as a way to save space, but this often had an invisible effect – with passersby walking under the screen without realizing it.

Eye-level is the optimal position for outdoor digital displays, but while free-standing kiosks and standing on the floor are more visible, they are not always practical to install because they take up valuable floor space.

Another consideration for the location of the outside screen is the sun. While direct sunlight and sunlight can be resisted by using high-brightness screens, technology and anti-glare glass, it can often be easier and easier to place the screen in a location where it is far from the sun's path.

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