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Know about the Functions of Grease Traps

The basic function of a grease trap is to prevent fats, oils, and solids reach the drain of the kitchen and the municipal sewer system. Fats, oils, and solids can cause drain blockage causing backflow thus creating serious pollution problems.

Drain blockage due to washing down the oily water in the kitchen sink can be great during the winter because the oil can coagulate as a solid Basis Function Grease Traps. Fats, oils, and fats are the main components of the wastewater in the kitchen. You can also look for the services of grease trap cleaning in Dublin.

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They will enter the underground sewage system if they are not intercepted before. This problem is particularly severe in the restaurant because of the presence of large amounts of oily wastewater that harden and block drains. They can catch things that are greasy and avoid unnecessary expenses in opening the pipe and clean them.

Features of Grease Traps

A grease trap or intercept device is shaped in the form of a box made of metal or plastic. It is installed between the kitchen sink and the main sewage system. It can be cleaned easily by hand and it is recommended that the cleaning is done regularly.

They are designed to function on a kitchen sink outlet and therefore they should not be used in other places such as runoff from the shower or toilet. It is suggested that restaurants use them even if they have a septic tank. You can install the traps either inside the building or outside.

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