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Choosing The Best Direct Fired Make-Up Air Handling Unit For Your Environment

Pretty much every building will require a air handling device to assist push damaging or stale air out and bring in fresh air. Indirect and indirect fired make-up air handling units offer several alternatives.

Under four distinct kinds of direct fired gas heaters have been researched, each with various advantages and functions in changing environments.

Constant Volume Method

This sort of direct fired gas heater features air distribution to some distance at a steady pace. Fresh air goes , passes through a diffuser plus it output signal in a constant quantity.

This heater has a gas fire that directly heats the atmosphere. This conserves energy reduction that may include different kinds of heating.

This sort of heater could be useful in an environment that requires more air drained than earned, such as at a restaurant kitchen. To get more info on the makeup air unit visit

Two-Speed System

The Same as using a Constant Volume Method, a Two-Speed System takes in air and then outputs it in a constant quantity. The distinction between both of these direct fired gas heaters is the Two-Speed System provides two distinct rates of air shipping.

To do so, the device utilizes either a 1,800/900 RPM engine or a 1,800/1,200 RPM motor. This kind of direct fired heater provides constructions more flexibility. Just take an automotive centre for instance.

Employing a Two-Speed System, the centre could have the alternative of a low rate for fundamental heating and venting, but when a high degree of carbon dioxide was current, the greater rate could be utilised to expend the contaminated atmosphere.

Variable Air Volume System

This second kind of heater lets different output ranging from 25 per cent to 100% of its own CFM (cubic feet per second ). This system is extremely effective and just requires electricity to function.

It's customizable to place an output volume which most matches the distance. This system could be beneficial to work with in a building with multiple exhaust heaps that cannot use recirculated air.

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