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Importance of A Parachute Cord Into Skydiving Equipment

Parachute cord or 'paracord' as it is more commonly called. It has been used in a variety of ways. The initial design function was in the construction of parachutes. Apart from the function, draft, shape, size, or the material used for the canopy of the parachute thing all have in common is the use of paracord.


Every single piece of mil-spec parachute cord tested to 550 pounds and is very lightweight and flexible. Making it ideal for use in appeals parachute and imagine a single cut line cable. You can buy paracord rope via

Arid Digital Camo 425 Paracord

For More than Just Parachutes

Although paracord was designed for use on a parachute. This has a high strength. There is no camping equipment would be complete without a versatile cable length. Parachute band can be utilized in a survival situation for everything from food gathering to building a shelter; unwoven and inner core can be used as a fishing rod.

With just a little imagination the many uses that can come up with for this beautiful cable infinite. However, be careful of what you get when you make your purchase. Although a few dollars cheaper (on average about $ 4 USD per 100 feet) utterly defeated by military spec paracord (an average of about $ 7 USD per 100 feet). Cable commercial market usually only test out at about 300 pounds and has a single strand nylon core.

550 Cord is a Multi-Purpose Wonder

Ropes are a rather versatile tool. It can be used to anchor, secure, binding together, improve, pull, or less something to be done. A unique sort of rope is 550Cord.

It was first used during World War II. It has been verified to be a very versatile piece of equipment in the domain. Over time, its use has grown, from purely military use of civilian facilities.

There is a very different kind of 550Cord, each followed several sets of specifications mandated by MIL-C-5040H. The most notable among these types is 550 paracord. You can buy paracord buckles & shackles from various online sources.

Parachute cord is named as such because it can take weights of up to 550 pounds before breaking. Each type 550Cord must follow the standards set out in the government files Mil-C-5040 for 550 Type III paracord.

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Apart from its original use as a cable suspensor in parachute battalion 550 paracord has other uses. Most of it is to use the crisis. The entire cable can be used to tie the bundles, offers, or equipment together.

Attractive large supply, lowering the heavy equipment, and even a climbing rope, these cables can easily manage the giant without breaking. Lifelines whole rescue may well be an opportunity for using 550 paracords.

The tensile strength is at 550 pounds, then, is very much designed for heavy-duty purposes. To stop heavy bleeding, this cable can be used as a tourniquet. Whether binding on all the major cable to the extremities or to separate the fibrils before use. The beads can be strung into doing and wires as the counter tempo.

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