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Does Your Kid Suck Thumb?

Babies are cute and interesting. However, they have some strange habits sometimes. These habits can be annoying and distracting. For example, some babies suck their thumbs. They find it very pleasant but unfortunately their parents are not!

Yes, "suck reflux" is a common problem among children of age group 0-3. It is an innate need to suck that comes with birth. their natural course in a way that when they are in the womb. Typically, the encouragement of sucking subsidies as the baby starts eating solid foods but continues in some babies. You can get to know more about The Hand Stopper Thumb Guard and the reasons behind sucking thumb via searching online.

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They can find out a definite reason behind the problem and offer appropriate treatment.

Some useful tips

Here are some useful tips and practical:

Whether it is the right age to get rid of the habit? Usually, the impulse is at the peak until the age of two years. If you are celebrating the second anniversary already, then move forward. This is the right time.

You need to distract as much as possible. Keep the baby involved in something or other. Games, puzzles, books, etc.

Do not be emotional about it. There is no use scolding the baby to it. Being cold turkey.

Your child's doctor may suggest medication southern Bangalore safe but it feels bad to be applied on the thumb. Repels thumb-sucking.

If necessary, the doctor will call a therapist. However, it is not necessary in most cases.


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