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Have a Great Time inside the Clubs in Sri Lanka


Tourists with no prior experience feel that there are not a lot of clubs in Sri Lanka. In fact, Sri Lanka is home to some of the best clubs, bars and casinos for all party people giving them one of the best night experiences. Let’s focus on some of the clubs every party animal must visit.

  1. Le Garage – The Le Garage is the perfect club to show-off you’re your awesome shoes and dance moves. Located at Kandy city, this club offers a massive dance floor inviting everyone to have a great time.
  2. Barefoot Garden Café –The Barefoot Garden Café is for those who wish to have a great time in the night yet with a calm manner. This café is home to some of the finest drinks along with delicious dishes. Make sure you try out the Black Pork Curry and Spinach Quiche that is going to melt inside your tongue like butter.
  3. Loft Lounge Bar – The best club in Sri Lanka is the Loft Lounge Bar. Packed with tourists and locals, the Loft Lounge Bar’s interiors comprises of modern designs and bright lights. The bar isn’t so popular during the weekdays however, during the weekends it turns into an awesome venue.
  4. ZAZA Bar, Casa Colombo Hotel –Now this bar is quite popular amongst couples who wish to step out in the night and have a great time. The seating arrangement is absolutely fantastic allowing you and your partner to enjoy sipping on those favorite drinks while enjoying each other’s company.

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