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The Different Types of Commercial Garage Doors

As the name suggests, commercial garage doors are a lot different from the residential garage doors. After all, the special design of these doors is to handle high traffic moving through them.

These doors are the primary choice in factories and warehouses, and therefore, are highly compatible with heavy-duty security locks and local codes. 

When it comes to the material used to make these doors, aluminum is the obvious choice. However, there are other popular materials too. As a result of the study materials, these doors are stronger and more durable than a regular garage door. Let's take a look at some of the most popular types of commercial garage doors:

Aluminum Door: Perfectly suited for use in modern industries, they have glass windows and aluminum panels which help the interiors get increased visibility and light. There are many companies which provide insulated commercial garage doors.

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Not only in industry garages, but are they also common in office buildings, car dealerships, fire stations, and restaurants. These doors are great when it comes to merging outdoor and indoor spaces.

This means that not only as external doors, but they are also equally good as internal partitions.

Sectional Door: They might remind you of residential garage doors because of the presence of the aluminum or steel panels hinged together.

The ones made from steel have multiple steel gauges with insulation and blazing in order to enhance protection. They are popular and are frequently seen in warehouses and loading docks.

Rolling Sheet Door: Similar to the rolling steel doors, but do not have the steel corrugations. Instead, they come with steel sheets. Grooves are used to hem these sheets together. This procedure of hemming the sheets allows the door to be rolled up over a spring-loaded shaft.

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