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Usage of Makeup Brushes

Although most makeup is equipped with mini brushes, it is quite helpful to have a good set of personal makeup brushes. Small brushes that are placed in blush on are compact and eye shadow does not often last long or apply makeup well. Buying a set of makeup brushes is a good investment and doesn't have to be too expensive.

When choosing a makeup brush, there are several types of brushes to look for. First, you want to find a large powder brush. This brush has a large, round top with thick, soft fur and is best used to apply the powder evenly to the face.

Brush Cleansing Mat-Flawless Fleur

Powder brushes can be used for bronzers but don't get confused with a slightly smaller brush, blush brush. The blusher brush is the perfect size for applying blush to the right face. Using powder brushes for blush on can often cause a lack of control over where the color goes. Using a blush brush will provide the definition and coverage you are looking for.

The majority of makeup brushes are used for the eyes. You certainly have to look for a basic eye shadow brush, usually just a small piece of fur to apply color to the entire eyelid and so on. However, if you plan to use various makeup effects on your eyes, you will also find it helpful to choose a corner brush to apply the makeup neatly into the folds and at the outer corner. The fine tip brush works well to add eyeliners or dark eye shadows right on the lash line for extraordinary effects.

Finally, there is a lip brush. This brush is usually smooth and has a very sturdy coat. They are used to apply lip liner, lip gloss, or lipstick evenly and correctly. Because the makeup is applied with a lip brush, you may need to wash more often than other types of makeup brushes.

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