Tanay Tandon


I’m Tanay Tandon, a 16 year old developer. I currently attend Cupertino High School, and am the Founder/CEO at Clipped. I enjoy researching in the field of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, and built Clipped to summarize information for faster reading. The development/research behind the algorithm took me a year. Other than programming, I enjoy participating and competing in Speech/Debate at high school. In fact, the original idea for Clipped came from my debate experience, where I wanted something that could give me the gist of evidence files. A month later – I had the first prototype of Clipped.



Name of App Clipped
URL for App http://clipped.me
Platforms App Runs On iOS, Android, Web
Price of App Free
Available for Download (list where) https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/clipped/id583616193?ls=1&mt=8
Screenshot for App clippedshot
Description of app Clipped uses a natural language processing algorithm that I wrote to automatically summarize news articles into bullet points. It gives the user a feed of articles each summarized into 3 bullet points for quicker, smarter reading.