Clean Slate Messenger


Have you become frustrated with the bouncing bubbles as you wait for an incoming message? Or have you ever sent a message but later wanted to remove it from your friend’s phone? With Clean Slate Messenger, the wait to see what they’re writing is over and the power to delete is yours. You can see exactly what is being typed while a message is composed, plus a message or image can be removed from both phones with just one swipe.

Clean Slate Messenger is the brainchild of Maychild Technologies’ founder and lead developer, Rachel E. Harsley. Harsley is completing her PhD in Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She has made major technical contributions through internships at leading companies, including Google, GE, and Intel.

Clean Slate Messenger uses conversation windows called ‘slates’ to let users communicate in real-time. A slate consists of three parts: incoming message, outgoing message, and image. Messages are sent automatically in real-time, letter by letter and added to the slate. There’s no send button; there’s also no message history. This makes for a fun and unique messaging experience that allows “texting” with friends to become synchronous like a real life conversation.

To see if friends are available, users can check their friend’s color coded slate status. Plus, a read receipt lets them know their message has been read. If they really want a friend’s attention, users can also send a quick ‘ping.’

Clean Slate Messenger lets people take advantage of technology while infusing the natural feeling of an in-person conversation. By allowing users to stream messages in real-time and erase content as the conversation goes, Clean Slate Messenger guarantees its users a new and exciting communication experience.