Mezzo – Reducing Food Waste, One Donation at a Time


Have you ever had to throw away leftover food? You’re not alone. Grocery stores and other food businesses often have to do the same, discarding surplus that could be served to someone in need. In fact, more than a third of American-produced food ends up in the landfill. All this while many low-income families have to settle for unhealthy, sometimes non-existent meals!

Mezzo reduces food waste by giving food businesses a convenient way to discover local food pantries and donate their surplus. The app eliminates barriers that often deter potential donors, like time lost when organizing food pickups and unfamiliarity with local food pantries.

Donors can:
– offer food donations – specify the type(s) of food, the amount, and the pickup expiration time
– choose a recipient food pantry
– call/email the recipient of your donation
– view all completed donations

Food pantries can:
– accept or decline donation offers
– organize your accepted donations
– call/email the donor
– route your drivers with Google Maps
– specify settings (like your weekly pickup hours or donation policies)

To try out these features, download Mezzo and log in with these test accounts:
Username: testerDonor | Password: test
Username: testerRecipient | Password: test

Throughout the development process, we’ve been working closely with Tri-City Volunteers, the largest food bank in Alameda County. Their managers have given us invaluable user feedback every step of the way. Now that Mezzo has been released, Tri-City will begin piloting the app with local businesses so we can continue honing the app. Our ultimate vision for Mezzo is to build sustainable connections between businesses and non-profits, uniting them in the fight against food waste in America.

– Best Civic App at iOSDevCamp2015 hackathon (award sponsored by IdeaMarket)
– Outstanding App at Make School (out of 150+ apps)