The BullyBøx


The BullyBøx is a mobile application that facilitates safe and anonymous student reporting of bullying and other school-related safety issues. With a subscription purchased by a school district, The BullyBøx Pro mobile application is available free to students. The app is available on both iOS and Android platforms. In addition, students who may not have access to a smartphone or other wireless device can make reports from any internet-connected desktop computer.

Reports submitted by students are automatically forwarded, via email, to designated school administrators for investigation. In addition to the primary reporting function, we have included an accompanying data analytics web-tool. This allows school administrators to review “real data,” better positioning them to effectively review and revise existing bullying-related policies.

The BullyBøx also provides reporters the option of attaching photographic evidence. Such photos may depict actual events or even screen shots of social media posts (cyberbullying). In addition, school officials have the option of utilizing our “key-word alert” feature, providing for auto-generated phone calls to a designated administrator, in the event that our servers identify preselected key words contained within a report (i.e.”gun,” “bomb,” “kill,” etc.).

As of this writing, The BullyBøx has been adopted by schools in 14 states and 4 countries, providing a “voice” to over 60,000 students. Having recently diversified our revenue stream in an effort to subsidize The BullyBøx, we are now able to offer a free version to schools. While the Pro (paid) version includes additional features, the free version is a fully operational reporting platform.

I am proud to say that these efforts have ensured that The BullyBøx is available to any school that may be searching for a way to ensure that their students have means by which to report bullying or other school safety-related issues.