Voice is an app that lets the user take a picture of anything that has words on it, and reads it aloud.

People with visual impairment or dyslexia can easily snap a photo of anything and have it read in a matter of seconds. Voice can speak just about any text, whether it is a menu at a restaurant, a medicine label, an expiration date on a milk carton, or even an information board at a museum. To aid in taking the photo, Voice automatically detects the document and says if all four corners of the document are visible. It reads the words by column such as in a newspaper. Additionally, Voice can read multiple pages one after another like a book. It is also available in over 30 different languages.

Voice also has many features that help the blind achieve maximum accuracy when using Voice. Voice corrects any skew or angle that the photo is taken in so that the photo becomes straight even if it was taken at an angle. It also cleans noise from the background and equalizes the brightness and contrast. It can also estimate the corners of the document in order to take a picture by itself.

Since there is limited content available in braille and audio, blind people have difficulties reading important everyday items such as medicine labels that convey dosage information.

Furthermore out of the 6.1 million blind people in America, 4 million are unemployed according to the The National Federation of the Blind. Apart from being blind, these people face massive unemployment.

This project has engineered a solution to these problems because it’s completely free (compared to the expensive and non-portable solutions in the market) and allows blind people to portably read everyday items through quickly taken photos in a matter of seconds.