2015 Recap

When Elim Kay saw his first Mobile Apps Showdown (MAS) at CES he was duly impressed with the scale of ideas and creativity presented.  His family’s foundation, The Kay Family Foundation, began actively participating by generously sponsoring a scholarship competition at MAS for young entrepreneurs building apps. We call them appreneurs.  After culling through entrees from high school and college students from all over the world, finalists are chosen, and a group of experts comprised of educators and entrepreneurs make the final determination

This year’s winners, Zach Burmeister and Brooke Martin, set a new bar for creativity and eloquence in both their programming skills and their acceptance speeches.

Brooke, from Ferris High School in Spokane, Washington began working on her hardware/mobile app design when she was only 12 years old.  Fueled by the love of her pet, iCPooch became a reality when she attended a Startup Weekend in Spokane and pitched her idea to a room full of adults.  The idea to have a two-way video chat with your pet from wherever you are and then deliver a treat to the pet remotely is now a reality, and Brooke has become something of a student celebrity.
winner2Zach, who created SmartestPro, entered the University of Denver as a computer science major, but he began building his app when he was still a senior at Tampa Preparatory School in Florida.  Wise to the foibles and inadequacies of testing environments, Zach took on the challenge of creating two apps to deliver a new method of digital testing. With both a teacher and student version of the app SmartestPro provides an end-to-end solution that is considerably more “cheat proof” and safer. Teachers get an easy but secure way to create a test and analyze and record the results. Students view test questions and select the correct answer in an environment that requires test integrity.

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*More on the Kay Family Foundation:  Appreneurs in their own right, The Kay Family Foundation began awarding scholarships at CES because it fit in with their Foundation’s objectives to inspire and educate the entrepreneurial student.  Elim Kay and Nithin Smilla manages the Foundation begun by his father, and self-made millionaire, Steeve Key.