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4 Best Plants for Your Office

plant hire in Melbourne office

Indoor plants are famous in offices as they come with several health benefits. But the most important thing is to find the correct type of plants that will match your requirement and space. If you have tried finding but still end up being confused, here are some best office plants you can consider.

  1. Kentia Palm: One of the best indoor plants because it performs well in less amount of light. It looks great in troughs and floor pots. It also adapts well to cool and warm air conditioning weather in your workplace.
  2. Pothos: Its colour variation creates a beautiful display in your office. It looks good in the green wall display and table bowl design. Due to the huge leaf surface area, it comes with the benefit of cleaning the air. It not just looks amazing in your office but is also beneficial for your guest and staff's health.
  3. Happy Plants: Due to its dark green and light-streaked leaves, it can significantly enhance the life and contrast of your office space. These plants are a great option for indoor spaces because they can easily thrive out of the direct sunlight area.
  4. Zanzibar Gem: Due to its dark green and glossy thick leaves, the plant creates an attractive display in your office. It works well in high as well low light conditions. It comes with graceful stems and tear-shaped leaves and creates a statement in any size of the pot. The plant is famous for partition troughs, pot plant vertical garden walls, and tambour units.

Besides, Sansevieria, Bamboo Palms, Fiddle-leaf Fig, Aglaonema, and Peperomia are other choices you can buy from office plant hire in Melbourne.