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A Brief About Skin Needling Treatment

Skin needling is referred to by various names in the medical and skin community which include dermarolling and percutaneous collagen stimulation (PCI) treatment for collagen, dry tattooing, and intra dermabrasion. 

This treatment is simply the use of manual rollers with around 200 needles of fine surgical quality attached on the roll mechanism. The needles are applied directly to the skin using an arc of crisscrossing. It is a good option to find the best skin pigmentation treatment and natural skincare via Mesolyft.

derma skin treatment

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The goal of the process is stimulation or to puncture the face to increase the production of collagen and elastin, which provides smoothness and helps in the elimination of stretch marks and scars by the natural healing process.

Treatments for skin needling or microneedling assists your skin to produce more collagen. The theory is that microneedles used to treat the skin cause a minor irritation to the skin. It is believed that the skin responds by creating fresh collagen-rich tissues. 

In addition to the facial issues Micro needling can also be utilized in treating stretch mark issues on different areas of your body. It was also discovered in an experiment that shows micro needling paired with fillers is effective for stretch marks on the thighs and abdominal muscles.

Before you undergo the procedure, speak to your doctor about methods you can do to prepare yourself so you get the most effective outcomes from the treatment.