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A Product Review Of Extreme College Survival Kit

Parents often wrongly believe college campuses are secure for their own brothers. College admin classes would like you to believe that their campus is secure. Unfortunately, that isn't true, particularly for underclassmen girls.

College campuses are full of more than men that are frequently driven by alcohol or drugs or both. Off-campus that the narrative is just marginally different with gangs with the campus as a prime goal

A mobile student companion for success with a survival kit and it is specially ordered to earn a young lady's life safer at faculty from the infrared room alert, to a door stop alarm into some publication diversion safe to conceal her valuables, to private security with pepper sprays and digital whistle.

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Here is what you're getting.

A battery-operated Passive IR movement alert alarm which may be coded to protect almost any place, a doorstop alarm along with a wall-mounted pepper spray to guard you in your area along with a rainbow pepper spray, 1/2 ounce key chain pepper spray, and also digital pocket whistle to help keep you secure anywhere you go off or on campus.

You also get in this brand new kit a mobile phone lite, a publication diversion secure to guard your valuables plus a 1/2 ounce pepper spray with a visor clip for your vehicle. You also receive the fantastic rest alert designed to help keep you awake if driving but also works great for those extended all-nighters of research college freshmen are famed for.

Plus you finish complete instructions for every single solution along with a DVR that shows each item. And you also get 6 Particular security Reports developed to keep young girls safe in the school.