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All About Masking tape, Packing Tape

Masking tape consists of thin, light tear paper. It is mainly used in the painting area to cover the area to be painted. The adhesive aspect of the cone allows it to be easily removed without damaging the surface or leaving dirt on the applied surface. 

Household adhesive tapes are made of paper that is weaker and less sticky. Special masking tape makes very clear lines. They can also be used for decorative purposes and hence can be printed with different patterns.

All About Masking tape, Packing Tape

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Packaging tape is also known as sealing or masking tape. It is pressure-sensitive and is used to seal lint boxes with linings and ordinary containers with gaps. Pressure-sensitive adhesive is applied to the base material, which usually consists of polypropylene or polyester. 

The tapes can be used as an h-seal where the cross strips are applied on the box ends, used by artists as a means to create molds of objects as this strength allows for a strong shell for the mold when completed. Masking tape has also been used by engineers and astronauts in space travel, including in emergencies. The masking tapes are coated with glue.

Masking tape has been used to temporarily fix the phone. You can even search online for more information about masking tape.