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All You Need To Know About Video Sign Interpreting

Remote video translation is an advanced technology that is changing the way we communicate. VRI connects several countries without a physically present translator. It offers the advantages of face-to-face communication with the simplicity of interpreting over the phone.

Video remote interpreting services are ideal for communicating with employees, business partners, patients, or customers who are deaf or hard of hearing or who have limited knowledge of the English language. The use of this technology is involved in healthcare, corporate and other business operations.

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VRI works with video conferencing equipment in both locations. The interpreter, usually located in the call center, uses headphones to hear what the listener is saying. While the listener is speaking, the translator signs everything that has been said on the webcam.

When a deaf person replies via their webcam, the translator sees the translation and prints it. The deaf and hard of hearing can talk back and forth as if the translator were in the same room.

VRI is provided by several translation agencies for a fee; Costs may vary depending on whether an interpreter is needed immediately or if planned. For more information on VRI, contact a local sign language translation agency located on the Internet for Remote Video Translation.