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Beautiful lighting for vlogging, video calls, and selfies

The best ring lights will instantly enhance your video calls, vlogs, Zoom meetings, and even selfies.

High-Quality Selfie Ring lights are a cost-effective and expert way to make your videos look professional. They were once only available for professional videographers or those who have the budget to afford them. Many of them are designed to be used on an everyday smartphone.

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Today, ring lights are powered by small LEDs. These lights are not only cheaper than professional lighting, but they also come in smaller sizes. You don't have to worry about a ring lamp taking over your space and making it difficult to store. Many of the lights in this list are small but powerful.

Video shooters love ring lights because they provide continuous lighting. You've probably seen someone lit up by a ring light if you spend any time on YouTube or TikTok. This is especially true of beauty and make-up vloggers.

Although they don't have the same power output as the best flashguns and strobes can offer, some ring light models do come with flash modes and High-Speed Sync modes that increase their power by up 500%. 

These ring lights are useful for both video and photography, so if you have a passion for both, a good one can prove to be an excellent investment.

In the new normal of homework, ring lights are a great addition to your video-conferencing setup. It will be a pleasant surprise how nice you look at meetings when you light up your property.

Finally, if you are looking for a different type of close-up, we have a guide on the best macro flashes.