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Best Insulation Options for New Homes


If you're in the process of building a new home but still deciding on what kind of insulation to fit. This blog could help you get some clarity. Let’s discuss and compare the most common type of insulation used in new homes today. These are fiberglass, cellulose, and spray foam. Cellulose is most commonly found in the attic and sometimes in the walls too. It can either be a loose-fill or a blown-in material and is primarily made of recycled denim or newsprint. Over time cellulose can settle up to 20% and can shift to one side of the attic and it won't create an air seal on its own. This is the main cause of high energy bills and other problems. Cellulose is also material that can increase the amount of dust in the house. If it's being used in the attic or walls of new homes, one should take extra effort and time to first air seal the area before applying the cellulose. 

Fiberglass can be used in all areas of the home including the attic, crawl spaces, walls, and the rim joist. It's made of extremely fine glass fiber particles and can be made in rolls often called bats or loose fills. Fiberglass is made to be placed between stud cavities or floor joists, but also allows major airflow leading to potential problems like cold floors, drafts, etc. It's the least expensive insulation material. Finally comes the spray foam which is made from organic compounds obtained from petroleum extracts and. It can be used in all areas of a new home. Foam insulation not only insulates but it's an air barrier material that creates a seal against air movement, adding comfort and reducing energy bills. Know what metal roof insulation blanket suits your purpose the best.