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Best Seized Cars For Sale in Anchorage

Yet the Government still manages to sell off thousands of cars like this one every week… and you probably didn't even know about their seized goods sales.!!

Make no mistake, what we are talking about here are large amounts of goods going under the hammer. The IRS, DEA, FBI, Financial Organizations, local Police, and many other federal agencies seize and impound millions of dollars worth of cars and other goods, every month.

You can contact us today  if you want to buy a seized car in Anchorage.

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The goods are taken from both people and businesses alike for a variety of reasons: Tax Fraud, Criminal Activities, Repossessions, and many more, on a regular basis. As we said just before, the seized items are not just restricted to Automobiles either. Trucks, Boats, Furniture, Art, and even Homes are seized.

So, back to vehicles. When you see someone driving a car that is more expensive looking and a later model than you drive, do you think that they probably earn lots more than you do.?? Did you know that often the person you assume is wealthy, may actually have spent the same amount of money that you did to buy their car …?? Here's what I mean:

Here is just one example of a recent Seized Auction sale in Virginia:

2001 Model, Chevrolet Camaro Coupe less than 70,000 miles went for $4,930

Compare that with this: Price $13,900.00, the Year 2001, Mileage 75,063, spotted recently on a dealer's lot…!!

Here's another example of a Seized Auction Sale:

2003 BMW 540i Sedan with just under 40,000 miles sold for $16,000

And there are thousands more just like these happening all over the country. I'm sure that if you had the knowledge of where these Seized Cars are For Sale, you'd be making damn sure you got better value for money the next time you made an Auto purchase, wouldn't you..?