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Building Surveillance Camera – Don’t You Have One?

Anyone who owns a building of any kind or manages property for others knows the value of surveillance cameras. Unfortunately, in this age of paranoia, security is on everyone's lips. It is now a good option to look for facility & building systems management services. 

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As a building company or property manager that manages property for others, tricky building internal and external security cameras should be in your pocket to keep occupants safe and keep buildings safe from intruders.

As you may know, security camera views cannot 100% prevent vandalism, but if the bad guys are stupid enough to destroy your property, they will likely be caught if the cameras are properly placed.

There are several options depending on your needs and the size of the building:- 

Few things are better than a complete surveillance system for internal and external security. You have everything you need and can have four to sixteen cameras or more. The software even splits your monitor into enough screens to view all cameras at the same time.

Another popular option is the high-speed PTZ dome camera. This high-tech cutting edge machine can be used both indoors and outdoors and is the ideal solution to cover large areas, e.g. security outside the building or parking lot.

They have a magnification of 216x which allows you to retrieve the license number of the car parked a few hundred yards away. Another great feature is continuous 360 degree observation. 

The camera even has a heater to keep the camera smooth in the harshest weather conditions. This camera is the choice of many security professionals to keep their customers safe.