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Decorating With Wall Decor – How Placement Creates Impact

Finding and buying great wall decor to highlight any room is only half the struggle. To achieve the visual impact of a piece on a wall or in a group, there are many factors to consider. Pieces that are too small for a particular wall will look lost and sparse, and pieces that are too large will clutter up the room and look too impressive. If you want to see big wall decor ideas then visit Kreative Arts 4pcs Contemporary Wall Art Black White and Red Umbrella Couple in Street Big Ben Oil Painting Printed on Canvas Romantic Picture Framed Artwork Prints for Walls Decor 48x33inch: Posters

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of the decorative art on the walls so you can achieve the design impact you have in mind.

When buying a mural, in addition to style, color, and size, think about how the shape of the work will appear in the room, how it will look with your furniture, and whether it will enhance the mood you want to create. Strong horizontal lines guide your gaze across the room, while strong vertical points make your gaze pause. Round shapes have a more calming and relaxing effect than angular shapes. Create a visual rhythm in a room not only with what you put on the walls but also with the free space. Your mind needs a place to rest in order to focus. When everyone is vying for attention, no one is noticed.

When hanging murals, think of your walls as blank canvases. You want a small wall space around the artwork as a visual boundary or it looks like art is crammed into the room.