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Different Kinds Of Home Cholesterol Kits

With the basic information about the cholesterol test in our mind, let's look at three basic types of home cholesterol test kits.

Single-Use/single Test

This type of home cholesterol test kit allows you to test your cholesterol level at home for one time. This is a one-shot kit. Waiting time here is generally about 12 minutes but the lipid panel cholesterol test only tells the total cholesterol levels. While this type of kit is convenient but it can be expensive if used several times in a month.

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Multi-Use/Single Test

This kit is basically a variation of the single-use/single test kit. They only contain two kits in the same package, which makes the price per test a bit lower than the single-use kit.

If you want to take advantage of the effectiveness of this package, you must ensure that you use a second test strip in the expiration period and put it under the correct conditions.


This kit allows you to test at home your total cholesterol including HDL and LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. Depending on the specific kit, you may need to examine separately for each factor or you may be able to use one of the multi-strip tests to get a read-out for all the results at once.

A multi-use/multi-test kit is a commonly used kit that provides speedy digital read-outs of your cholesterol. Waiting time can be as short as 2 minutes per test.

If you intend to test your cholesterol levels at home. the multi-use/multi-test home cholesterol test kit will be an effective solution.