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Dry Needling: What You Need To Know

Dry needle is a method that physical therapists use to treat movement and pain. The procedure employs needles that are "dry" needles that are not medication injections, that are inserted through the skin and into the muscles.

Other terms that are commonly utilized to define dry needling are trigger point dry needling as well as intramuscular hand therapy. You can also get dry needling by Chesapeake Bay Physical Therapy for pain relief.

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Dry needling isn't an acupuncture technique, which is based on the ancient practice of Chinese medicine, and practiced by Acupuncturists. Dry needling is an integral part of the modern Western medical principles and is backed by research.

What is an A Trigger Point?

Trigger points are a tight area of skeletal muscle that lies within a larger group of muscles. Trigger points are often sensitive to proximity when touched, and touching the trigger point can cause pain in other areas in the body.

What kind of Needles are Utilized?

Dry needling uses a thin needle that is inserted into the skin to stimulate myofascial triggers that lie beneath, as well as connective and muscular tissues. The needle lets the physical therapist to focus on tissues that aren't accessible for palpation.

Physical Therapists wear gloves and personal protective equipment while dry needling in accordance with Standard Precautionsand Guidelines for infection Prevention for Outpatient Setting and OSHA guidelines. The needles that are sterile are then disposed of in a medical sharps collector.