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Even Regular Boaters Forget to Keep these Items on board their Boat

boats in Australia aluminium

Owning a boat for some is considered as a leisure purpose while others find it as a form of achievement. With this principle kept in mind, you may be feeling proud on owning a brand or used boat recently. Or, if you are on the verge of investing in a boat, then you need to ensure these items always stay on board of your boat to keep you safe.

  1. Life Jacket – Probably, the most important item considered by majority of boat owners is the life jacket. Life jacket is a great source of keeping us safe and alive while heading outdoor for a boating trip. One tip would be to get the accurate size provided you have friends or family members coming along with you.
  2. Extra Rope – Rope is used for docking or towing while parking the boat. Make sure you keep extra rope just to be on the safer side.
  3. Knife – If the extra rope becomes a nuisance, then you can get rid of it by using a sharp knife. If you happen to get your kids, then it should be kept away from them to avoid getting injured.
  4. Flare Gun – A flare gun is another important essential used to call for help. There may come a time when you may get lost and cannot get the radio working. Using a flare gun is a great way to call for help since it is visible during the day and night.

These are some of the items you should have on board your aluminium boats in Australia