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Everything You Need To Know About Body Toning Lotion

You probably think that you have a sorted skincare routine. Wash your face, dry it, and apply some cream. If you're more conscious about your skincare, the chances are that you are using a day cream in the day and a night cream at night. But how often do you use a toning lotion? It removes impurities such as makeup, dust, excess sebum, oil, and grime from the skin and makes it healthy. If you are not aware of which toner suits your skin type you can also check out Carolina GMX.

What is a toning lotion?

Toning lotions are water-based products containing active ingredients that do various wonderful things to your skin. 

What does it do?

1. It shrinks pores which, in turn, help to refresh the skin and prevent breakouts and oil build-up on the skin.

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2. It helps balance the pH of your skin. Our skin is naturally quite acidic and an imbalance can cause excess oil production, especially when you have cleansed with an alkaline soap or face wash. A toning lotion is very efficient in restoring this balance.

3. Some toners that contain glycolic or alpha hydroxyl acids that help to prevent ingrown hairs,

4. It prepares skin for moisturizers, which is why it is good to use after cleansing and before moisturizing.

When should I use it?

1. It can be used in the morning to remove any oil and dirt build-up that has accumulated during the night.

2. After using your make-up remover, you can use toning lotion to remove any leftover make-up residue.

3. After washing your face and before putting on your moisturizer.