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FAQs on Asbestos One Should Know

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When it comes to asbestos, a lot of people don’t have a clue or simply ignore learning a few important things. It’s a material that has a fluffy appearance and consistency which was popular in the early days but was regarded as dangerous since it caused some serious health issues. Here are a few FAQ’s about asbestos you should know about in order to improve your knowledge.

  1. How Old is Asbestos? – This material is known to have been existing for a long time. Dating back to the 1940s and 1980s, asbestos was used for the construction of many structures such as houses and buildings. In fact, countries such as the UK, USA, and Australia relied heavily on the use of this material. Historically it was the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians who would be using this material for making simpler things.
  2. What Leads to the Banning of Asbestos? – Although asbestos was highly popular in the early days, researchers started studying this material. During their studies, they came to know that asbestos caused health issues such as lung cancer. This leads to countries such as the UK, Italy, Chile, Norway, and others banning this material from using.
  3. What leads to the Popularity of Asbestos Traditionally? – The popularity of asbestos was due to possessing a few awesome properties such as resistance to heat, chemicals, electricity, highly versatile,

etc. Due to these properties, countries relied heavily on the use of asbestos in the early days. Furthermore, even in the modern era, countries such as India, Russia, and China use asbestos.

In areas like Newcastle, asbestos removal has become a top priority for many homeowners.