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Get Quality Boxing Equipment

Boxing Headgear

Quality boxing headgear is essential if you plan on doing live sparring. It will take a lot of hits, so it’s essential that you choose something that is going to last. Headgear protects you from cuts and scrapes, it will not protect you from repeated punches to the head. 

You can still blackout, get a concussion or any other heat-related injury with headgear on. It will alleviate some of the blow, but not enough to prevent injury resulting from repeat hits.

There are many styles when it comes to MMA equipment Which is also called ‘ équipement MMA ’ in french. 

Boxing Mouth Guard

Other than boxing gloves, a mouth guard is probably the most essential piece of boxing equipment for beginners. When sparring a mouth guard will protect your teeth from being knocked out, as well as your lips from splitting open after a jab to the face.

While you can get a decent boil and form a boxing mouth guard for about 2 quid, the Shock Doctor makes an excellent product that costs a bit more but will fit more comfortably and last longer. 

Groin and Chest Protectors

A must if you plan on doing any sparring. No one wants to get hit where it hurts, so this is an essential piece of equipment for boxing beginners or otherwise. Shock Doctor makes a great option that is inexpensive and gets the job done. 

Also important are chest protectors for ladies. The Guard Sports Vest is a great option as the protective material is removable, so you can wear it as a sports bra for a piece of multifunctional workout clothing.