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Get Your Chimney Inspected Before Your Summer Vacation

Summer has finally arrived! Take-away ball games, family vacations, and annual renovations are usually part of every summer program. There's one more thing you should take care of before your summer vacation: your annual chimney inspection.

We know that you won't be using fireplaces and chimneys in the summer. A dirty chimney in summer can only mean one thing, as summer temperatures increase and in autumn with cooler temperatures, there is more accumulation of dirt and strong odor nuisance. You can also get the best chimney inspection in Milwaukee via

Chimneys can get really smelly over time and that can happen to you, especially if water is leaking from the rain. This lethal mixture of water and ash gives your fireplace an odor that you can smell throughout your home.

Another reason why you should clean your chimney in the summer is so you can see for yourself from an experienced chimney sweeper who can ensure that there is no carbon monoxide or CO in your home.

CO is found in the exhaust gases that result from burning fuel in your home, even when you use a grill, fireplace, gas stove, or stove. If you leave the windows open, circulation will be created and your home will be ventilated.

But many people run their air conditioners in summer to keep CO2 in the house. CO can build up indoors and poison people and animals who breathe it in.

When you clean your chimney from a professional technician, they will perform a full inspection of your chimney. If they find any damage such as a cracked chimney or a water leak, it will be easier to repair it in the summer. The advantage of cleaning your chimney now is that you don't have to worry about it happening to you.