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Got Car Problems? 5 Car Repair Tips

One of the problems with cars that challenge vehicle owners is the electrical system. Although vehicle electrical systems today are more complex and require high-level automatic repair technology, they basically have the same design as they did 30 years ago.

Many problems with cars are related to daily driving behavior caused by voltage changes. This is caused by the use of computerized controls, where even the slightest change in voltage can change control, which leads to car repairs.

A complete and comprehensive test involves more than just installing a voltmeter to the battery. On average, self-repairing repairs do not have the proper test equipment. You can also get certified auto repair at

To accurately diagnose a problem, it must be checked by an automated technician who knows your brand and model.

Follow these tips and you will extend the life of your electrical system:

Tip 1: Keep the battery and connections clean to avoid clogged opening and overvoltage of the starter. This also allows proper ventilation of harmful and explosive gases from your battery.

Tip 2: When replacing your battery, always buy the same or higher CCA (Cold Curve Amplifier) as the original and make sure the same or compatible "size group" is suitable for your battery panel and cable connection.

Tip 3: Due to the different nature of the electrical system, check the operating voltage system before starting your car with another work system. For example, a running 14.5 volt system can damage a 12.6 volt system due to excess voltage. If possible, start with another battery voltage.

Tip 4: Turn on your car by turning off the main generator – AC, stereo, etc., to make it easier to charge the battery and starter.

Tip 5: Check and test the electrical system for handling problems at least every two years or during each treatment.