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Guided Meditation for Quit Smoking

According to the World Health Organization, tobacco is a major public health priority and kills more than five million people each year. It plays a role in 10% of preventable death in adults and, despite the increase in tobacco taxes, advertising and educational limitations, almost 20% of US adults are smokers. To get more details about best meditation you may check here

Guided Meditation for Quit Smoking

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In 2010, more than half of all smokers try to quit smoking and failed and reports nearly 70% want to quit. So what is the answer?

If you've tried to quit with nicotine patches, prescription drugs from your doctor and the cold turkey approach, it's time to try something different.

There is indeed no method to quit smoking works for everyone, but guided meditation (or guided imagery) and meditation can be the answer for you. This method is safe and proven effective by scientific research and can also be used with a traditional approach to help you leave smoking behind forever.

Smoking is often a symptom of stress or anxiety, offer temporary relief. Meditation and guided imagery work to help you break free from your negative habits by making you more aware of all that you think feel and do.

Using meditation, you will realize what cigarette smoke is not as it enters the lungs and not teach your mind to recognize fogginess in your mind and nausea, rather than help you feel.

After each cigarette is finished, you will also notice that you are trying to cover the anxiety is still there. Used daily, guided meditation can help you effectively manage your anxiety and relax.