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How Can You Pick The Right Leadership Development Program?

Leadership includes a wide range of specific skills, almost all of which are included in the heading of what trainers call "far transfer training. This means you have to go back in time and use it at work to fully learn about it. 

Forget about those general leadership workshops that cover everything. Instead, choose a best leadership development program that develops the specific skill or set of skill you need. 

leadership development program

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Make sure you choose a workshop where you can practice your skills as you use them in your work. A good seminar should include conceptual training, assessment, and role practice in specific competency areas. You learn most in courses where you learn by practice, not through lectures.

For example, in many leadership seminars, the instructor will explain to you what the characteristics of a great leader are. 

A good program will give you something to use when you get back to work. This is important because you will never remember everything you learn in an exercise program.

There should be a follow-up to help you apply what you've learned when you return to work and then improve your skills over time. This may include an assessment by an expert, or by your colleagues, or perhaps even by your subordinates.

Well-chosen and effective leadership training can help you become the leader you want to be. Poorly chosen or ineffective training is a complete waste of time and money. It is your responsibility to select a leadership training program that meets your needs.