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How Crime Scene Reconstruction Is Done?

Crime scene reconstruction is the use of scientific methods, physical evidence, deductive reasoning, and their interrelationships to gain explicit knowledge of the series of events that may have led up to the crime and what exactly happened at a specific crime scene. It is a disciplined and principled approach towards objectively understanding a crime scene. 

Experts use different crime scene reconstruction software. There are many companies such as Cognitech which provide this software to forensic experts to find the clue in their investigation.

crime scene reconsturction

Crime reconstruction helps interpret physical evidence. It is an aid to help formulate a hypothesis and arrive at a conclusion about a certain crime. Forensic specialists all come together with their different forms of evidence such as photos, sketches, and other useful things gathered from the crime scene to paint a vivid picture which makes it possible to retrace a crime that took place. 

Using evidence found at a proper crime scene you can reconstruct what happened and possibly find more clues.

When focusing on other types of forensics, there are three areas of importance in finding the answers and determining the components of a crime scene:

  • Specific incident reconstruction, which deals with traffic accidents, bombings, homicides, and things of that nature
  • Event reconstruction, which analyzes connections, sequence, and identity and the most important component
  • Physical evidence reconstruction, which focuses on firearms, blood, glass, and other objects that can be stripped for DNA.