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How Social Media Marketing Can Help Your Business Thrive

The traditional marketing model had to get more and more eyeballs on the message of its product or service and expected a percentage of customers to buy. Yellow Pages, Radio Advertising, Direct Mail, Television Advertising, Magazine Advertising, etc.

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How Social Media Marketing Can Help Your Business Thrive

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A recent survey found that only 14 percent of people trust advertisements while 76% expect consumer recommendations. Thus, more entrepreneurs started looking for alternative approaches to get in touch with potential customers.

Online marketing was popularized by optimizing and using those websites through search engine optimization techniques.

Although still a rewarding strategy, SEO has been advanced by Internet 2.0 strategies, for example, social media marketing. Social networking marketing occurs when firms use the Internet 2.0 platform, such as blogs, social networking sites (such as Facebook, Google+, Foursquare, Twitter, and YouTube) along with other emerging Internet advertising and marketing tools.

A recent study concluded that 80% of Americans using mothers are influenced by the words of friends and family when making Internet shopping decisions. No other media platform allows small businesses to benefit from social media marketing such as consumer word of mouth advertising.

Benefits of social media marketing

Improved New Customer Acquisitions – The most important benefit of social networking marketing is you will have the chance to get in touch with networks of possible clients that you would otherwise be not able to encounter using other classic advertising and marketing methods as well as SEO.

Word of Mouth Marketing – Word of mouth marketing has always been the most effective way to generate sales. With social media marketing, you are able to create fans who will voluntarily promote their product and services to their network of friends.

Brand Awareness – Branding your company using social networking advertising is a lot easier, quicker, and less costly to achieve compared to conventional advertising moderate or even website advertising.

Customer retention – totally free communicating, you are able to keep your business in front of your client's eyeballs that will consequently result in repeat business and referrals.

Quick Results – The most successful and effective implementation of a sociable networking marketing program will produce almost immediate outcomes for your small business.