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How to Choose a Lock For The Front Door

A lock is the main protective element of the entrance in an apartment, house, office, garage, etc. It comes without words, strengthening the door is also important, but if the lock is bad and fragile, it prevents itself from penetrating the strongest door.

Currently, we have many ways to lock the door. Let's see how to choose a quality front door lock at an affordable price. Durability is the main characteristic of a safe lock. You can contact for flexible pocket door system at

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The main feature of this level of theft protection for a lock is when the locking mechanism is likely to break. This may take about 5 to 30 minutes. The higher the key class, the more difficult it is to open it.

Another important parameter is the ingredients of the product. Among the locksmiths, keys made of strong metal are the most preferred. According to the recommendations of key experts, give preference to steel locks, while models made of soft, brittle metal should be avoided.

Such a lock has a lot of protection, but all you need to open it without a key is to turn off the cylinder. So do not forget to equip such locks with armored pads.

A lock with a lever consists of a special set of plates arranged in a specific order when opened. The level of safety of the lever system depends on the number of these plates, as well as the material from which they are made. Such a lock is difficult to turn off, but you can open it with a padlock.

The most popular type of lock is a combined lock, in which two mechanisms are used simultaneously: two cylinders, two sides or cylinders, and a lever at the same time.

The replaceable mechanism can also be a variant of the combined lock. With all its advantages, combined locks have several disadvantages: they are time-consuming, expensive, and have a complicated installation process.