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How To Keep Your White Shoes Clean

It's summer, and nothing looks fresher and sharper with your clothes on a clean pair of white shoes. By the same token, the shoe dismal showing little dirt can drag your whole look. Just place the dirt that will damage the pure effect of your footwear. 

The good news is that whatever type of material of white shoes is made up of but only a little preventive care and maintenance will keep them looking at their best. Follow these few simple tips, and learn how to clean white shoes and give them a bright look throughout the year.

How to keep white shoes sparkling clean

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White canvas shoes get dirty easily and fortunately, they are fairly easy to clean. Many people use one wet cloth and rub on a dirty shoe. You can also try throwing your canvas shoes in the washing machine. Pre-treat the stain with a paste of baking soda and water. Use an old soft toothbrush for stitching and hard to reach areas. 


When it comes to leather shoes, liquid dish detergent is your friend. Mixed with water, and rub marks and performances. Dry the area to be treated immediately, and touched with white shoe polish. You can also brighten the white leather shoes to make them moist and apply a small dab of toothpaste. Rub with your fingers, and scrub the stain with a brush. Remove dirt and dry with a clean cloth.

Man-Made Materials:

Man-made materials can withstand stronger medication than their organic cousins. Remove excess dirt from shoes. Mix the all-purpose cleaner with hot water and rub the stain with a brush. More careful with shoes featuring subtle design or construction.