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How to repair your leaky basement

First, you must understand why your basement is leaking. Your basement is leaking because its walls are in a clay bowl that's surrounded by water. Imagine that every rainy day, your basement walls sit in a clay bowl that is filled with water.

The only thing that keeps the water out is the waterproofing that was installed when the house was built. There might not be a waterproofing barrier to keep water from getting into your basement walls if the house is older. You can also get more information about repairing leaky basement online.

repair leaky basement

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Here is where most foundation problems occur. These could be cracks or the wall shifting in or out. However, major foundation problems can usually be avoided if you act quickly if water is coming into your home.

To solve the problem, you must first understand what it is that you need to do to repair  it correctly the first time. First, identify the type of problem you are having. If the basement is made of concrete, you will find a vertical crack that water is entering.

This can be repaired by digging on the outside of the house, exposing the crack, and sealing it from that side. This will prevent water from leaking through the crack in your foundation. If you have a cinderblock wall with cracked blocks, you will need to repair it from the inside.

Fill those cracks with concrete and steel rebar. This will seal and reinforce the crack in your wall. Next, you will need to install a French drain around your basement's perimeter. This will reduce the pressure caused by water buildup around your basement walls.