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How to Shoot with Glass Ball Photography?

Lensball or glass ball photography is becoming more popular every day. The ultra-wide angles of the glass ball help to take pictures more prominently and realistic.

The image quality in the ball itself due to refraction and color deviation can help to take long-distance photos. With crystal ball photography, you can shoot in various styles.

To take pictures manually at night with the glass ball helps to take the depth of field. It is a little fun to take a strange and refreshing picture.

Also, keep in mind that the image is upside down. If you place the ball on the floor, many of the scenes that you want to record on the ball can disappear on the surface where the ball is placed. 

Ideally, we want to shoot the ball ourselves to make sure we have a full view inside. Try to avoid your reflection appearing on the glass ball. If the background behind you is lighter than the object in front of you, you might need to hide. 

Traces and stains can also damage the shot in the glass. Therefore, use a cleaning cloth at all times (good ones are provided with a specially shaped cloth).

It is a fun and unique accessory to take photos with tricks to maximize scenes on the lensball. It shows a clear picture with the refraction of the image on the lensball.