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How Young Adults Can Start To Study The Bible

Young adults can get the full benefit of studying the Bible while they are still young and strong and therefore enjoy this full benefit for many years. It is understood and presumed that they have the motivation to study the Bible on their own.

After learning through this article what is the full benefit of studying the Bible, they can be encouraged to study the Bible on their own and not depend on a group leader, pastor, priest, or catechist to teach them about the word of God.

You can get help from various reference books, biblical chronologies, biblical tables, and maps, you can also buy them online. If you have started your study of the Bible, order now and learn the ancient history of the Holy Book.

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Get a good translation of the Bible

The King James Version or the Authorized Version for English Translation is the best thing you might need to study the Bible. They are called archaic words that belong to the English language in the 16th century but are no longer used now.

Start by studying with the New Testament

Don't start with any Old Testament, always choose the New Testament because the New Testament is hidden in the Old Testament and explains the meaning of the words in the Old Testament. So if you know the explanation of the Old Testament passages by reading the New Testament, it is easier to understand them later.

As you read, keep a record of the Bible verses

It has the day and date you studied the passage and the book, chapter, and verse number or numbers you have studied for that day. Then write in a sentence or two what the passage tells you about Jesus.