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Important Features of a Marketing Business Dashboard Tool

It is essential to share information quickly, efficiently, effectively and in a highly competitive market. Customers demand a fast turnaround for their projects but aren't willing to compromise quality or accuracy.

They want their information to be clear and concise, which doesn't take long to comprehend. The marketing dashboard is one of the most popular tools in business intelligence. It's dynamic and delivers everything above. You can also get more information about the best marketing dashboard via

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A dashboard is like a car. It contains all the details that a driver needs to ensure he's driving his car correctly. A dashboard that is well designed should be easy to read and provide lots of information. A dashboard that is dynamic and useful for your company must have certain key features.

Basic functionality – This is the most important aspect of . Hovers, drill-downs sorting and conditional formatting are important features. It is important to be able to display a variety of charts.

Customized views – Users are expected to be able build custom dashboard views. Dynamic dashboards should allow users to drag and drop chart items and move them around the display, allowing them to focus on the most important metrics. This powerful tool will allow companies to quickly access and analyze information faster, which will enable them to make better business decisions.