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Is it Possible to Secure Business Data with Microsoft 365?

Every business organization produces valuable information or data which is the company’s capital. With the advent of cyber-attacks and data breaches, organizations are now forced to use a variety of methods that can help them protect their critical data while at rest or while in transit through networks.

Protecting systems and data naturally begins with identity-based controls, and access management features. These features are available in various Microsoft business products that help protect data from unauthorized access by making it available only to authorized users. 

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Office 365 How Safe is Your Data in the Cloud? - WTL

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Microsoft Office 365: Office 365 uses SSL/TLS and AES standards to ensure data security and privacy is maintained. The most important identity models in Office 365 are:-

• Cloud identity: Accounts can be managed in Office 365 and no on-premises server is required to manage users.

• Federal identity: You can synchronize the local object directory with Office 365 and manage users. Passwords can also be synced so that users have the same cloud password locally.

To protect company data and important information from unauthorized access, it is important to take appropriate security measures to protect and store data. Microsoft products and services are reliable and provide better protection for business data.