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Know About Android Application Development Features

Android operating system is developed for the smart mobile handset and later on following the liberal licensing policy of Google Inc every programmer and non programmer has entered into the foray to develop their personal android application.

Currently on the market there are three main players of a Microsoft operating system platform (manufacturing XP and then Vista), Linux and MAC operating system being used by Apple Mac book, iPad, and iPhone. But android is now one of the most popular operating system for mobile handsets, given wide flexibility in setting up the Android application development. You can click this link if you are looking for android development services.

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Currently more than two Android applications have been developed and the lack of this number is increasing every day. Flood now android applications according to industry experts is due to the development of many high-end smart phones by Tech giants.

In addition to using the Android smart phone apps, it provides many other benefits such as the availability of a wide and comprehensive library for audio, video, image files, 2D / 3D graphics, GPS, video cameras and touch screen for other applications. Android applications are developed in Java language but even if you're not a pro in Java, then also you can build your own Android apps by following a few simple guidelines.